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Busy is not the right word to excuse myself from not posting in a long time. I have been to England, Norway, Finland, Germany,  and Japan in the past month alone. I was battling two other jumpers for the last spot on the Olympic team. Although I had very little training this winter and not in top physical condition I did not let that get into my head. The entire time I was only thinking about how awesome it was to be able to travel the world and be able to compete again. I've never felt more relaxed in any competition, purely because I was focusing on being happy. Sometimes even forcing a smile when it is -10 and snowing, made me feel better. My last trip to Sapporo was the most condensed trip I've ever been on. We had 4 full days, and every one had a competition. The second day I finally put two good jumps together and ended up 11th place. This personal best result for me catapulted my name to the top of the list for Sochi. Then we moved to the large hill where I haven't taken a training jump in 4 years. I knew I wasn't going to place very well, but still had some good jumps to prove I could still do it. The final day I had calculated the standings and as long as the other two guys did not get into the top 14 places I was going to Sochi. Dusty Korek landed at 19th after the first round. I ended up not making the second round, so I was able to go up to the coaching stand to watch the take offs. Dusty went and landed a 139m jump! The furthest of the entire weekend, this was awesome for him. On the other hand I literally watched as my Olympic spot floated away. He ended up 4th place which was by far the best result of his career. The broad wave of emotions that flowed through me in the next 4 hours was amazing. I did not know what I was feeling or how I should react. All I knew is that I needed a beer. 


  1. Great job Trevor, all the best in Sochi, we are all pulling for you


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