All weathered out

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I am sitting in a coffee shop writing this post during our latest snowstorm. These past two weeks have been horrible conditions for outdoor sports. I have jumped 16 times since my comeback started, I leave for Europe tomorrow! Having no control over the weather is something I am used to, but the problem comes with my choice to go for a training trip. The jumps opened here in calgary in record time, I was really happy and wanted to make the most of it. We have a  perfectly prepared jump and we are not able to use it because of cold weather (-40 wind chill) or snow day after day. Makes me second guess my choice to stay home and train. 
Right now I am faced with the reality that a mass of training jumps is not going to happen, I need to work on a few things but that is going to have to wait.  With my first competition jumps right around the corner it is not time to try anything new. Trying to do more then what you are capable of will usually backfire and result in showing worse jumps then normal. 
I am looking forward to this trip and cannot wait to jump again!


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